From the the tranquil, organic sounds of nature to crisp, edgy futuristic audio, our sound designers record, create and tailor the right sounds to your unique project for a personality and soundscape all its own.


The final audio stage of your film, show, or spot. Starting with the dialogue edit and ending with the re-recording mix (and lots in between), we will combine all elements of your project into a seamless and dynamic audio experience.


Original music composed and arranged by our MelonCollie Maestros. Our composer team has over 20 years of experience writing for film and TV. Versatile in all genres of music, we can use full orchestras, an impressive collection of live instruments, and endless possibilities “in the box”.


Take your VR project to the next dimension with spatial audio.


Find the right voice to tell your story. From casting, to directing and recording, we can take care of all voice production needs. We have a large pool of the top voice talent, to find the perfect voice for your project.